Nipple Punishment And Caning

Nipple Punishment And Canin 4

Brand new and begging for punishment

Puishment will bring submission. Welcome Jennifer White to Hogtied.  This amazingly beautiful girl is almost painful to look at, her body is perfect and her smile is divine. Which is why it’ so much sweeter to see her suffer in pain from the punishment we introduce to her perfect body.

She finds out who is really in control

It’s not her beautiful face or perfect body we want, we want her submission. There is only one thing to do with a girl that knows how hot she is and thinks all men will trip over themselves trying to please her.  Tie the whore up, and make her cum over and over, and when she is done, make her cum harder.  Yep, these girls need to learn their place,  so we start with nipple clamps and weights, which is a reality check for our little Princesses.

Her body is a playground for our amusement

Foot caning and flogging is always a good way to control a little hot bitch. But nothing can humiliate a girl more or put them in their place faster then making them cum.  I mean really making them cum, making them cum so hard all they want is for you to make them cum again.  That is when you have them, that is when they know you own them, body and soul. Jennifer White has become another piece of property at Hogtied. In the end they always submit and learn their place.

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